Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 19 in Pictures (Jane)

teamwork basketball

little tomato plants

first picking of asparagus this spring

David is a teenager today!!

                                                he doesn't really want pictures taken lately....

                                           birthday balloons are becoming a tradition here

                                      David and his friend Nolan heading out on a bike ride

                                                         the birthday morning do-over

                                                          Abbie is too cool for school

                                                       Stylin' girls heading off to school

                                                              Grace in a spelling bee


                                                 Emma made me a mother's day crown

                                            Our mother on mother's day - new machine



Katie said...

I love all of these. David is handsome, can't wait to eat your tomatoes and/or asparagus, fun to see Grace in a spelling bee- love it all.

Megan said...

You look so young with your flower crown on!!
David LOOKS like a teenager with his peep.
I wish I had asparagus in the backyard, ours didn't come up for some reason. Will dug the plant up from an abandoned town two autumns ago and transplanted it into our raised bed. No success, I should call the gardening guy on CBC.

Jane said...

Turns out Grace came 2nd in the spelling bee! She got stuck on 'which' - she added a 't'.

I spent this morning weeding and mulching the asparagus - ugh. Worth it of course.