Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 19 in Pictures (Megan)

Micah turned seven this week!

Can you guess who the fishing rod is from??

We had fun making this.

We ordered pizza at the birthday boy's request,
I had to include healthy stuff too.

Will whipped together this section of a castle the morning of the party.
You can see the drawbridge connected with rope-a big hit!
He also made a catapolt and placed it aiming at the castle, it's awesome.
Boys need Dads!!

Heidi arranged the target shooting contest, Micah came second.

Heidi presenting the victor his trophy!

Heidi and Will attended a father daughter gala this weekend.

Brian and Nora were there too.

Dave and Amber

Ya, we have great friends!!


Katie said...

Um, I want to come to Micah's party next year, ok? A castle and darts?! Micah looks delighted.
The father/daughter gala looks adorable.

Jane said...

You really went all out for Micah this year! He does look thrilled. Your life looks fun, full and rich in these.

Megan said...

The party was a lot of fun for the kids and a lot of work for the parents!!
I am sure Micah will have happy memories of his 7th birthday, even though he did become a birthday monster by the end of the day.

We have all been playing with the castle and the catapult daily, neighborhood kids too.

Come and Play!