Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 22 in Pictures (Jane)

We had Scotland weather at the highland dance competition in Sudbury this weekend - so cold, windy and wet!   

Katie and Megan's families braved the cold to watch Emma compete.

Emma dancing the Sean Trews - this is the leap at the end!  She received a first, a second and two thirds this weekend.

Olive - Emma was making her laugh by flicking her nostril and making a hollow sound - such talent in our family. 

Gorgeous girls! 

David and Abbie bouncing on the trampoline at the Wildman's.

This boy is such a dare-devil!!!

Dinner at the Wildman's - always delicious, calm, and filled with interesting discussions.  Happy 66th Birthday Bud.

Abbie sure loves her Dad!

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