Monday, June 11, 2012

Week 23 in Pictures (Jane)

pep talk at the baseball game

David running in the 1500m race at CASS

Passing the baton during the relay

These boys won the relay and broke the school record at CASS

Getting ready to hit the piniata at Elora's birthday party

The birthday girl!

Nice light.  Nice boy.

Cute cousins

Brooklyn - I had a crawling baby doll that looked a bit like this cute girl

Megan and Samuel at the beach

Isaac and David playing in the end of the year concert - they rocked those violins!
The group shot at the dance recital - view from stage right.

My dancing girls - just before the concert


Grace dancing the sword dance

Emma looking like a ballerina

Abbie was awesome!

a funky choreography

we hit the beach after the concert and banquet


Mom chilling on the beach watching the sun set

Look closely and you'll see ME!

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Katie said...

These are awesome! I'm glad you're documenting things so well. Doesn't feel like I miss very much. Love the one of Emma!