Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 23 (Katie)

Highlights of the week: jolly jumping, park-ing, geocaching.

Also notable: this snail I found climbing up my chair at breakfast one morning. Amazing.
And sad.
Escape from the fairy garden, slime across the kitchen floor and spend the night climbing up a chair. Only to be plucked from progression and flung back to the starting point? Doubly discouraging that the snail was heading nowhere....not toward freedom at all. Upwards sure- but only for a few more inches. Then faced with a dead-end. Forced to grow wings or turn around and retrace the sticky trail.


Jane said...

These are great - nature children and an adventurous snail.

Will said...

There are tons of those snails on Manitoulin Island! They are on trees, dead in the ditches, and very cool looking!