Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Move (part one: the miracle job)

Well hello, I'm the third blogger, Megan, you may have forgotten me.  I've been absent on the site for two months or so.  Let me fill you in:

Following our dream to own property that would allow our children to have space to explore outdoors, we decided we were ready to leave the city.  We were craving a quieter, more natural home in the country.  We were ready for a big garden, to walk in nature.  So Will applied for a new job. 

We knew the competition for this particular job was more experienced, so we didn't hold our breath. 
We were slightly more optimistic when he secured a job interview.
We had applied for jobs closer to "home" in the past with high hopes, but with no luck in the end.  
You can imagine our surprise and happiness when he was offered the job!!  Heidi and I screamed with delight and cried, jumping up and down, shouting: "He got the job!!  We're moving to the island!!"

It turns out the panel of interviewers just really liked him.  He was professional, he demonstated good conflict resolution skills and he is so bright they knew he would learn anything else he needed to know for the job, quickly.

It seemed like a miracle.  Finally, after all these years of being under-employed, a job as a forester!     Forester jobs are few these days and usually very remote. 
We felt so blessed to be going to the area where we ultimately wanted to be, with a wonderful employment opportunity for Will.  Thank you to all those who prayed for Will at the time of his interview and to those who "sent good vibes" his way.

So the craziness began.  His old job expecting him to work overtime to finish projects, his new job starting two weeks from the job offer date!! 

Will had been in the middle of a bathroom renovation in our house and had to finish that job before we moved, as well as tackling other fix ups around the house.
I painted like a crazy woman.  The dining room first, which had patches from an old plumbing job.  The spare room second.
My sweet visiting teacher came over a couple of times to help me out with the painting.  Friends came to help as I was trying to pack up our house and clear away any clutter.
We had a deadline for making the house beautiful.  Our real estate agent was to start showing it the day after we moved out.
All  four children were on summer holidays wanting to have fun, so I especially appreciated friends lining up playdates for them, allowing me to work. Will and I still felt on the verge of sanity many times through the two weeks with just not enough time, and the deadline looming before us. 

 We will forever be grateful to friends in Sudbury who watched our children, brought meals, and helped us clean, even though they knew they were losing us as close by friends.  Thank You!

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Katie said...

Seems like a fairly typical Byman adventure. You could fill a book with all your moving stories. (I hope you will)
Will is likeable- I don't blame them for scooping him up. He knows a bit (or a lot) about everything. He's the kind of guy everyone wants around.
You did well to keep it together during that stressful couple of weeks- what doesn't kill us? Does that saying apply here?

I'm so happy that you will be on the island starting the "dream life". Expect us for dinner as soon as you're settled.