Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Before & After: Emma's desk

I've been working this month on Emma's room, trying to finally finish what we started over a year ago!  She really needed a desk, so I thought I'd try to fix up this old yard sale purchase from at least 10 years ago that has just been sitting in the basement collecting dust.  It's heavy, homemade, and pretty ugly.  But it's real wood, it's solid and you know what they say about a coat of white paint....

I was a little worried about the big crack between the two boards on the top, but wood filler really did a great job.  I filled a bunch of dents and scratches too.

Then a coat of primer and two coats of white paint and this little beast becomes a little beauty.  I painted the inside of the drawers two of the colours left from Emma's striped wall.

Then my dad and I used it as a base for a compound mitre saw and put a few scrapes in the paint, but we put it in Emma's room anyway - I'll touch it up soon.  I love it with the blue walls!!!  I also painted a little desk chair from a different desk that belonged to my great aunt Florence.  It fits perfectly.  Emma and I picked up the blue desk lamp a few weeks ago at Winners.  Her room is almost finished!!

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Megan said...

I'm hiring you! What vision, what workmanship. The whole room is fabulous.