Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birthday Girl & Other Honours

Grace turned NINE yesterday!  This feisty little girl is growing up - fast.  She is still super strong-willed, but she seems to be growing into herself and mellowing a little.  She's super funny and kinda  quirky.  

For her birthday supper she requested chicken pot pie and marshmallow salad.  For her cake she wanted angel food with raspberries and whipped cream.  My parents and Heidi came for dinner.  

My mom painted a sweet watercolour of Grace.  I framed it today and put it on the shelf above her bed (for now).

 Isaac had a hockey banquet the same night and was given the award for most dedicated player.  He seems pretty proud.  I'm not a huge fan of giving awards to only some of the kids though.  I think the natural consequence of one child getting an award is that all of the other kids think to themselves "I guess I'm not ________ ".  I would love it if they made original awards for each of the kids - maybe "most impressive wipe-out" and "stinkiest hockey gloves".

 On Sunday we celebrated Paul, Kerry and Megan's birthdays.

A few weeks ago Grace won an award for a Remembrance Day poster she made for the Legion poster contest.

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