Friday, May 3, 2013

The Mountains & The Trees

We went to "The Mountains & The Trees" concert last week at the old town hall.  I really liked this song and was impressed with Jon's use of the violin bow!  Check it out, I hope you don't find the wildlife in the background too distracting.  If you enjoy this song, another one to listen to is "more and more and more".

It's great that our Mayor and others in our community are interested in supporting musical artists.  It sounds like we will have other musicians coming to our island giving performances through out the spring and summer.  It brings a vibrant energy, and is inspiring to children like mine, who are in music lessons, to see others play and love what they are doing.


Jane said...

Yup, our mayor rocks! he he.

Katie said...

That bow on the guitar IS cool. The wilderness sounds are a bit odd- not that odd is a bad thing. He seems casual and sort of "wounded". Does that jive with your impression of him in person? I'm always so distracted by lyrics. I'd like to read the love-gone-wrong stories that inspire these songs.