Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life Isn't A Photo Shoot (or how David didn't want a birthday picture)

So, fourteen years has gone by since I took an ambulance ride to the hospital and this little spitfire burst onto the scene.  He arrived in a hurry and hasn't slowed his pace yet.  This boy has always wanted independence and adventure, right from a little baby.  He walked by 10 months and leaped from furniture by 1 year.  He rode a two wheeler at 3.  Bought his own dirt-bike by the time he turned 12.  Raising David has compelled me to stock my bookshelf with an arsenal of parenting books over the years.  He has challenged us as parents beyond anything else I have encountered.  He glows with happiness one minute and clouds over with anger & frustration the next.  He has taken us on a wild  ride for 14 years and I would imagine that, truth be told, we have only been on the "kiddie ride" so far.  I have a feeling that the real challenges are still to come. 

 David, Thomas and Cameron posed for me to get a few birthday shots, but David refused out-right to have one on his own, then he quickly blew out all of his birthday candles before we could get a picture (we were still in the middle of singing "happy birthday" in fact) and ...

when he climbed to the top of the maple tree and I tried to take a picture he yelled "life's not a photo shoot Mom!"

So there!

Buckle up everyone....

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Katie said...

Wow- he's deep! "Life's not a photoshoot" I guess he's already finished his oral for this year, but that would have been a cool topic.

I love the line about the kiddie ride. Do you really think so?

Give him a big,slobbery,red lipstick, Auntie kiss for me, k?