Thursday, June 20, 2013

A View from Here on a Random Day in June

Here are a few pictures of the final student concert.  I only took a few because the camera is way too loud for the occasion....


Here is the couch with slip-covers on the bottom and back cushions.  I am leaving the sides for now - maybe in the fall I will attempt it, but I don't mind it with two tones for now. 

Abbie learned to ride a two wheeler!!  She just decided to take the training wheels off and with a tiny bit of help from David and I, she was riding all by herself within a day or two.

Abbie with a couple of her friends.

 Isaac & Maddie dressed up for twin day at school (they also added identical moustaches when they were at school).  I couldn't get over how similar they look!  Our principal was surprised they weren't at least cousins.....although who knows... They won first place!

Abbie and Grace dressed up for twin day too.  I was pretty impressed with Grace for being willing to dress up with her little sister.  They looked so good!

Kristina & Steven's new baby:  Juniper
Emma at her Highland Dance Recital:

(notice how she tied her plaid around her head!!!  she wasn't really supposed to....) 
Dad on Father's Day 2013

A few shots of David from his grade 8 slide show photoshoot.  I can hardly believe that he's going to be in highschool in the fall. 


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Megan said...

Beautiful photography Jane! The beach shots make me appreciate living here anew. What great memories for the kids.

The twin pics are awesome!