Sunday, June 23, 2013

It Was Killer

 The rain didn't stop us.  

Armed with jackets and umbrellas, we saw dolphins (now Olive's favourite),  killer whales (now Seth's favourite) and rode many a ride (now Ezra's favourite).

(Will you judge me harshly if I confess that this was the above mentioned children's first time on a roller coaster?)

My favourite part of doing marineland in the rain? NO LINES! NO CROWDS! That's the way, my dearies!

(Disclaimer: my friend and fellow dolphin viewer was chilled and soaked and ended up getting a crazy illness it if you must)

Awesome Points I Collected

1. 10 points: We stayed allllll day.

2. 25 points: Ezra was chosen as a volunteer during the show (I helped draw attention to his volunteer-ish abilities by pointing and cheering during the choosing escapades)

3. 100 points: I lost my mind on the way out and bought each of the kids an overpriced, stuffed marine animal in the gift shop (I usually say no). They were thrilled.

4. ...and 39 bonus points for not falling asleep whilst driving home.

I will let you add it up and come to your own conclusions.

(Katie's whisper heard behind your right ear... "I roooooock")


Jane said...

You totally do rock! I always say no to the gift stores & especially stuffed animals - I am a little shocked (and impressed in a way) at that tidbit! If I confess that none of my children have ridden a roller-coaster will the judgement be even greater seeing my oldest is 16?? Not one roller coaster in all of their whole lives. Perhaps we should remedy that this weekend????

Megan said...

Why is it not hard for me to picture you cheering and somehow getting Ezra chosen-hilarious!

I love your point system.

My children have never been on rollar coasters either. I don't really feel like I've deprived them (perhaps they feel differently?)