Saturday, October 5, 2013

$20 in my Pocket

 If you want to go antiquing, these are the chicks to take with you. 

It's like magic. 

........The kind of magic that compels complete strangers to share their hopes and dreams with the world and then give you everything in your overflowing pile for $20.

 And if we ARE coming along, we'll be getting East Indian take-out from a gas station on the way home. This time however, we will bring our own jug. Fair warning- keep your eyes on the dude carrying the cooler full of mango lassi. Don't let him confuse you with his offers for a "sip".

 Leave your mother in the van.

p.s. Megan and her powers will be explored in a later post. Said post will also feature the sisters 6! Can you believe there are 6 of us roaming the earth?


Jane said...

A summer tradition-in-the-making! I'm in the mood right now for a little scavenger hunting and lassi sipping!

Jane said...

This was a good year for tradition starting - Birch Run in the Spring being another! (plus hunting down some flea markets in the area too I think)

Megan said...

here! here!