Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Little Harvest and a lot o' Tuck

Did you notice the homemade relish at the Harvest Festival this year? 

As I was condiment-ing my lunch I exclaimed to my 7 year old, "this looks like homemade relish!" 
To which the lady on my right replied, "It is." 
I followed with a quick, "I wonder who made it?" 
"I did,"  she smiled.

I love you Harvest Festival.

This has to be the cutest, quaintest, just-right fair in all the land.

 How many chocolate bars did we win at this toilet-papery game?

I may come for the relish and the outhouse throw but I stay for the Nip N' Tuck. 

 It really is as fun as it looks.


Megan said...

You make me laugh! Since I had the sloppy joe, I didn't get to experience the homemade relish (this is something that is not on my short priority list for making and canning, peaches or relish,hmmm..)

Harvest festival is truly one of the best island gatherings!

Jane said...

Tell me you tried the sloppy joe Katie! I think about them all year! Then again, no relish.....