Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Little Piece of Narnia

I am glad that Lake Superior is freezing cold - even on a hot day in August.  I am glad that it takes a few hours of driving on hilly, twisty roads to get to a beach.  I am glad that there is a fee to park your car in the provincial parks and that there are absolutely no places to grab lunch on a long weekend - a bag of cheese popcorn shared between three vehicles will totally suffice.  I am glad they don't really have Bathtub Island on a map and deliberately omit any mention of it to tourists passing through. 

Otherwise, it would be over-run with condos and beach umbrellas and dogs and...well, people. To all who venture there, it is a special secret place, a secret shared by only a choice few. 

And we want to keep it that way.



Katie said...

This actually brought a tear to my eye. BEAUTIFUL! I loved this adventure to Lake Superior. You captured it perfectly.

Megan said...

Wow, thanks for going to all the work of posting these summer pictures Jane. We are lucky to have you capturing many golden memories.

It is a special place, one of the most beautiful.