Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Twelve Years

Since we were married at ages 21 and 22, were students and broke, there was no photographer hired.

 These days, it seems to be all about the perfect wedding pictures.
 I don't wish we had had a slew of artsy perfectly arranged shots, just one that I would be proud to enlarge and frame.

With that in mind, I agreed to doning my dress again, my girls were over the moon with the idea of helping me get ready for an anniversary dance with their Dad.   The chosen song was
"Open Window" by Sarah Harmer, here are the lyrics:

Love, I see you there
Adrift on the air
Floating by the open window
Ah, the sentiment of love
Reflections that speak of
What can enter when our hearts are open
Here, witnesses appear
And recognize how sacred
Love can be when stated
Shared, shown for all to see
The beauty that can be
When love is cultivated
Well, our love is a sacred thing
Like the mysteries of the night
In the darkness unwavering
And still so strong come the light
Well, our love is an infinite thing
Like the sun's last ray on the sea
As it sets low in the west
And the moon rises.

So, here we are, looking a little more tired then twelve years ago, but still as determined to make our marriage successful. 

Photo thanks to Heidi!


Jane said...

I am pretty impressed that you can still fit into your wedding dress, 12 years and FOUR children later!! Hot momma!

Katie said...

You rock!!
I love this: "but still as determined to make our marriage successful".
An anniversary dance! What an adorable thing for your children to see. I bet they will never forget it. xo

Megan said...

Heidi tore up pieces of paper for confetti and threw it all at once into the air for us!

It was special to include everyone in our little celebration.

I've been pondering what I've learned in these twelve years....perhaps blog post to come!?