Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

 The homeschool program at the butterfly conservatory is where all the cool kids hang out. 

In September, we squeezed into the program room with dozens of other curious children and listened to the presentation. We were surrounded, not only by curiosity, but by mini experts- they had the whole thing memorized, knew every answer and even corrected the teacher.  

Apparently they've done this before. 

Large groups of smalll-ish scientists can be loud and kinda chaotic - that was the main con here for me. I vote that next time the conservatory limit class size and/or create a group for older students as well.

So while tagging a monarch was cool, next time I think we'll skip the group and explore on our own.

In the mean time, check out those live chrysalides!
 (I thought they made a spelling mistakes but google says no). Bright green!

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Megan said...

Cool waterfall. Yes the perks of living in the city-nifty places like this.