Saturday, October 19, 2013

Check your Flight Log

No, the sky is not full of aliens or meteors. That is dust on my sensor. Gross! I blame the beach. I took it to the doctor last weekend, so next flight should see clear skies!

A couple weeks ago, these 3 had the awesome opportunity to spend part of the afternoon flying over the city with a family friend............ who happens to have his commercial pilots license. 

 What a charmed life!


Jane said...

So cool! Although, you know me, I would be so nervous watching from the ground as my babies are up in the sky. I think David would really love this! And Abbie.

Megan said...

The opportunities our children all have are so amazing. What a difference from a couple generations back, or even us. My first flight was at age 15, it was a big deal to me! Ezra will probably be piloting an aircraft at 15 :)