Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heidi and Pixie The Pony

A dream come true for Heidi-Loo.

The joy on my daughter's face is evident.  This girl loves horses!

This past summer, Heidi and I started working on a local farm in return for riding lessons for Heidi.

It has been something we both look forward to all week.

In contrast to me paying for a lesson,  Heidi is learning the value of an hour of hard work.  She is also learning about taking care of a farm. 

Her dream has always been to own a farm and have lots of animals to enjoy and care for.  While cleaning a well used stall with a pitch fork last week, she infrormed me that perhaps one horse and a few chickens would be enough for her! 

When Samuel comes along, he admires the "trackies":

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Katie said...

This is a really creative way to expose Heidi to farm life without breaking the bank. Looks fun!