Monday, October 28, 2013

Freakin' Eh.

 This is it, exactly.

 Why do you waste your life? Dance, dance, dance.

Tell me.


howrob said...

I love this video! a Cheesy favorite of mine is that country song called "the dance". Also I love Standing outside the fire by Garth Brooks. Dancing to me is a way to live life outside of boundaries and limits imposed by others or even ourselves. It is us being completely free. So Dance! (Have you tried "We no speak americano"? The kids love to dance to that one!)

Katie said...

I LOVE that you commented! Hooray! I will look those tunes up and call for a dance party this afternoon. Meet me here? I'd love to see your moves.

Megan said...

Quirky funny.
Dancing with the kids is so fun, we've been dancing with them since they were babies! Good way to change a grumpy atmosphere if needed too.