Thursday, October 10, 2013

Give A Little Hoot and a Holler

Sometimes there are no words...
but I can try.
There is a week every summer that my children count down to all the year through.
  It is filled with music and dancing, concerts and crafting.  They are immersed in an environment of creativity and passion, but are free to choose their level of participation. They have experts at their fingertips, but no pressure or expectations. 
 They can join a parade, dance a contra, pick up a new instrument, sing in a choir... or they can sit on a hay bale and watch the sun set.  They make friends and hold hands.  They wear tie- dyed shirts and twirly skirts, or pajamas, or cowboy hats or whatever.  No one cares.
 Every year is different - and the same.  It's a little bit of magic.  Another gift that they open without comprehension.  They love it and it loves them back - and accepts them in all of their quirky forms. 







Katie said...

A good place for a hippie like me to hang out for a week. I like to prance in the parade, dance, play, sing and hold hangs with new friends, too.

Love this!

Megan said...

Wow, these are moments perfectly captured!

Thanks to all those who make it possible for many of us wholesome family fun seekers to come out just for an evening of contra and other dances.

howrob said...

Wow, I am experiencing a terrible surge of envy right now. I really wish I lived close enough to participate in that. What perfectly captured moments too!