Sunday, October 13, 2013

Easing our way back into it

The transition between summer freedom and homeschool life in the 'berbs is usually a bit rocky. This year was no exception. It's taken all of us a couple weeks to get into the groove again. I miss having my extended family all around, Seth misses being able to roam independently over Grandmas acre, Ezra and Olive miss "the cousins," and Mike misses the water.

Being home has it's perks, however, and we're having a delightful fall. (I love fall!) It may sound cheesy but I'm so grateful for seasons. There is a tangible shift in interests and energy as the weather changes. This shift happens to be really conducive to book learning, projects and longer attention spans. Also, huge indoor forts.

I'm co-running an art journal club at the public library and it's going really well. I started it with the intention of bringing the hs community to the attention of the librarians. I'm trying to inspire them to create awesome daytime programming for the over 100 families here.

I think it's working!

We filled every seat in our room within two days of opening registration (plus a long waiting list of hopeful attendees). The librarian I am working with has planned a home school open house so she can hear our hopes and wishes. Yippee.


Jane said...

Can you put me on the waiting list - I totally want to come to your class! Love the pictures! Seth's hand is so cute! Doesn't it feel so good to know you have started something so positive?! Glad the librarian is open to hearing the needs and wishes of the HS families. I will be curious to see what develops from the meeting. Yay!

howrob said...

You are so awesome and proactive! When I grow up I want to be you! What a way to make a difference!