Saturday, April 5, 2014


I'm hearing voices tonight. 

Well, a voice.

My husband just said "I'm gonna need this.... gla mumble something."

Trick is, he's not home. Kids are sleeping. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't the bird.

(Pic by Ez)

Do you vote 

a. "creepy" voice
b. "loony bin" voice or 
c.  other 


Michael Larson said...

That's easy! You were listening to your favourite record album from 1978... "I'm Gonna Need This Love". And you mistakenly thought N'Cole's voice was mine.

Michael Larson said... creepy, loony bin, and other :)

Sarah said...

I have heard voices - usually when I am almost asleep and think I hear someone calling me. I've also seen Mark getting up out of bed, and then realize that he's still asleep beside me. Maybe I'm the crazy one :)

Katie said...

So, the bottom line is that we're all a tinch insane?