Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's Your Paste?

We are particular about our toothpaste.

 Years ago, we were regular, average toothpaste consumers, buying from the selection available near the toothbrushes, at the grocery store.  Crest, Colgate either one would do.  But then I was introduced to the world of natural toothpaste.

At first, natural toothpaste tastes saltier, and has a much more intense flavour.

You will notice when you revisit the Crest or Colgate after using natural for a time, it is sickeningly sweet and really doesn't leave your mouth as fresh or with as clean of a feeling.

After being complimented on my white teeth (a first) a few months after the switch, I was convinced, and haven't looked back.

We haven't tried every natural toothpaste out there, I would love to hear your feedback if you have a favourite.

Our Natural Toothpaste Review:

"Tom's of Maine" spearmint or peppermint, my first love and previous go to, until reading up on sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS).

Canadian made "Green Beaver" Frosty Mint was next up with satisfactory results. Nice flavour,SLS free. Not substantial enough on the toothbrush.

 "Jason" Sea Fresh/ Deep Sea Spearmint. SLS free. This paste is rich in calcium and has parsley extracts for fresh breath. Awesome. The higher price is worth it. Our family favourite!!

After making my own deodorant last week (not so different from LUSH), I'm considering trying toothpaste next. Found this recipe:


Helen McRae said...

We have used my goats milk soap for brushing teeth. It leaves your mouth feeling clean. You have to get used to the taste. But I did buy a flavour oil and smaller forms for making it for tooth brushing purposes. I will be making a batch in the next week!

Megan said...

Very interesting. What are the ingredients in the soap?

Helen McRae said...

Coconut oil, Palm oil, Olive oil, grapefruit seed extract, lye, goats milk, distilled water, and essential oil.

Katie said...

Just make sure you guys double the batch and send me a sample or two!

Helen McRae said...

Katie, we have 80 bars of goats milk soap we have made in the past week and a half...FINALLY. Come pick out the kinds you want!! Are there any scents that you would like? We currently have oatmeal&honey, orange, grapefruit, bug be gone, ginger ale and a facial bar with bentonite clay.

Katie said...

Yay Helen! Wait... how'd you manage that with a newborn??

Megan said...

I would love to try one Helen. I'll have a difficult time choosing a scent, they all sound good.

Have you brushed your teeth with any of them lately?

Helen McRae said...

Katie, its amazing. I have so much energy now that I have had George. My mother is also my partner in the soap business. So we work together, George sleeps in his car seat or bouncy chair.
Megan, if you want it for brushing your teeth I will be making some tooth soap with either mint or cinnamon flavour oil. So you wont have that awful taste of soap in your mouth. But you could use the bars as well. They are just really big for tooth brushing purposes. They are also great for your skin!