Thursday, July 10, 2014

Finding My Inner Carpenter

I am almost finished making this table but I'm sharing it now 'cause I am too excited to wait!  I just finished varnishing the drawers this morning and attached one handle.  It's a simple black cast iron handle we picked up last weekend at an antique store in Stratford.  Now I am on the hunt for four more cool (but different) handles... trip to Bruce Mines anyone?  

It looks a little washed out in the pictures, just imagine it looking more rich and calm in real life!  I used a pattern from  Ana White's site for this reclaimed wood console table but adapted it a little - a bit smaller all around.  It was the most challenging thing I've made so far!  But so satisfying!

Last month I made this benchright coffee table but was stuck on the finish I wanted to use.  So it's been left in it's natural state while I make a decision.  

See the pocket holes at the joints - LOVE the Kreg Jig!  

I picked up two of these lovelies at the antique shop too.  They will be perfect on the two drawers....when I finally stain the table.  Today I am leaning toward staining it one of the drawer colours from the console table - the bottom right drawer... what's your vote?? 


Katie said...

Your creations look amazing! Can't wait to see them in person soon!

Jody Wildman said...

thanks to Katie for suggesting the Kreg jig as a Christmas gift...

Michael Larson said...

Very inspiring, Jane. Makes me want to start spending a little more time in my garage.