Sunday, September 14, 2014

Catching Up....

Summer has come and gone.

There weren't many of the beachy days I had dreamed of the long winter through.

Already the air has a bite.

Crimson has begun to creep into the maple trees.

I had another birthday this fall.  Forty two.  42.  Hmmm, I guess my summer has come and gone, too.  Maybe I am in the autumn of life.  That's weird.  I feel 25 sometimes, and 80.  I definitely feel 80 a lot.  This year has taken a toll.  It's been a toughy, as Grace would say.  Not conducive to blogging, as you may have noticed.  

But in an effort to capture and celebrate all that is good I am willing to give it another shot.  So here is a little review of the past few months (in pictures).  And then we shall see.....

                       Farewell summer!  You are fickle and fleeting, but oh how we love you!

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