Thursday, January 12, 2012

I was baffled this afternoon by a short period of "free time" - time with happily playing/working children and a napping baby. I stood dumbfounded in the kitchen- my mind a blank, unsure of which direction to go. This vaguely familiar land of choice felt slightly alarming. I felt like a homeless person on it's shores. For the past... long while... I have been running between various time-sensitive demands- choosing the details but basically following the young children/newborn preset plan
(say it with me: feed.clean.teach.feed.clean.laundry.feed.clean.repeat...)

When I packed my bags for this "trip", it was for at least 6 months-1 year. I said good-bye to a large chunk of my brain and essentially all of my discretionary time -anticipating a reunion in said amount of time. I've only been sailing on this newborn baby boat for a few months, and I know I will be on it for a few months more. (I can say this with some certainty because this is my 4th boat ride.) So I'm not due for a breather yet- you get me?

Back to the point.
So I had the feeling that I should seize the moment as a precious treasure- but how?! Shower? Re-wash the stale laundry in the washing machine?
No, no my friend. I decided to write. And post it on my shiny new blog.

Right choice?


Jane Wildman said...
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Jane Wildman said...


Look at you go!