Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week Two in Pictures (Jane)

This morning Grace is taking her turn with illness - she's already thrown up at least six times . Poor girl. It's been a week since anyone was sick here. Stay away from our house - we seem deceptively healthy....
Snow peaks like meringue cover every surface outside. I spent so much time out in the snow Friday - walking, shoveling.... It is so beautiful! I usually dread winter, but this year I feel elated every time it snows!

Inspired by all of this gorgeous snow I loaded David, Isaac and three of their friends into the car after school for a semi-spontaneous night-skiing adventure at Searchmont. Our other friends picked up Emma at her highschool and we all met at the hill for a fun-filled, freezing cold night. I am completely terrified of heights, ski lifts, my children travelling in other people's vehicles and watching my children dangle from high places (ie. ski lifts), so it involves a fairly large degree of self-talk and deep breathing to force myself past all of those fears and out for adventures. I love watching them learning, challenging themselves and having fun - and in these moments I feel like the kind of mom I imagined myself being before I ever became a mom.

Abbie heading off to school Wednesday after the long Christmas holiday and two extra days home for illness recovery and dentist appointments. That left me home with just the cat after almost three weeks of kids, chaos, and Christmas festivities.

Monday the kids returned to school after the Christmas break, while Abbie and I spent the day playing games, reading, and attempting to clean a little. We played crocinole, checkers, and memory (Dora). She always beats me at memory, and I truly don't let her win. It is uncanny how she can remember where those cards are! She could probably make it professionally....

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Megan said...

I love your picture of cookie in front of the aloe vera plant, very magaziney.
I know exactly what you mean when in your comments above you refered to the kind of Mom you imagined yourself being. I think I imagined more fun in daily life. I guess that's why it is so important for us, as mothers,and our children to make time for fun like you did!
I am also trying to see some more joy in the day to day.