Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chronicles Of May

Want a view from here??  Today is cold, cloudy and totally unmotivating, but this month has been pretty great for getting some projects started and finally getting some springy weather!  Here's a smattering of what we're up to:

I have been working on the hallway most of this month.  Patching drywall, scraping stucco ceiling and sanding, washing, scraping.....  I was SOOOO excited to finally paint!

 I was so excited to show the difference between the peachy beige undercoat and the clean white paint that I took the picture while it was still wet...

Then I was even more excited to paint the walls.  We picked out Benjamin Moore's Nimbus Grey for the hall, but it looked really blue, so I took it back and had them tinker with it a little.  The result is really blue.  So now I'm looking at paint chips again, feeling discouraged and disappointed. It's ok.  It's just not perfect.  Although with the white trim and doors, maybe???  What's your vote?  Keep it or try again?

I am also learning how to make a slipcover for the new PB couch I got on our girl's weekend.  When I was at my inlaws new house, I was inspired by the paint drop cloths on the floor and thought that the fabric (canvass 100% cotton) might make a linen looking slipcover, so I bought some and am giving it a try.  I found a tutorial on missmustardseed.com that actually uses drop cloths for slipcovering!  I am using her general guidelines and finding it pretty fantastic.

In other news:  Abbie lost her first top tooth, baseball season is underway, the kids are preparing for their final student concert in a few days, we've had our first dip in the frigid waters of Lake Huron (we does not actually include ME), track and field day at the school included both the thrill of victory and the tragedy of defeat, and Mom & Dad's roof is officially reshingled.  

I've also been working hard in the garden these past few weeks, but the frost warnings continue, so there are only cool weather crops in there.  The tomatoes, peppers, etc. are still being hauled inside at night & I'm almost ready to just risk it and plant them!  This spring has sure been cool for us!


Katie said...

HaHa love your post. The picture of you and Megan is hilarious!

Megan said...

Kate, we were remembering Inger I believe!

Jane your slipcovers are very nice. They look so good on the couch, I think you could start a business.