Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Separate Beds

Will and I slept in separate beds last night.

Is our marriage on the rocks you wonder?

Are we prematurely settling into a seniors' style arrangement?

Actually it's because the guy at my husband's work, with a newborn at home, is having better sleeps at night then he is.

It's our two year old that's causing the commotion. 

He seems most comfortable spread eagle between the two of us, giving regular yelps and groans, that startle us into semi-consciousness.  All the while giving us knees and kicks to the back, while he dreams.

There is also my personal favourite: as he strokes my hair for comfort, running his fingers through my long locks, he encounters a tangle and pulls, which hurts like the dickens and jolts me awake!

I am contemplating a drastic hair cut.

The trick with our precious boy is this: if I muster the energy to pick him up and carry him next door to his own bed one of two things happen:

1-   His eyes pop open, he starts yelping "Mom's bed!" and wakes up our eight year old.


2-  He comes trotting back to our bed a short time later (usually just after I've drifted off again).

Basically, he just wears us down in the middle of the night.  It becomes a contest of determination and energy, who has the greater willingness to sacrifice sleep for the goal?  The parents or the two year old?

I think most parents have been in a similar situation with one or more of their children at some point.

What's your opinion? 

A.)  Be more consistent in your efforts.  Keep working on getting him sleeping through the night in his own bed.  (Increase sugar and or caffiene intake to achieve energy levels, if needed)

B.)  He'll grow out of it in five years or so.  Enjoy the family bed and deal with sleep interruptions.

C.)  Embrace the separate beds.  Let your husband get a good night's sleep and you sleep with the toddler and determine plan of action (or non action).

D.)  Call in super nanny and plead for help.

The accused:


Katie said...

Hilarious! and so sleepily tragic. If you're anything like me, and I think that you are, big mama needs her sleep. I vote the sleep training option.

Michael Larson said...

Do you think that he might settle for a small mattress beside your bed? We did that with Seth for a while when he was doing the same thing and it seemed to work.

Megan said...

Thanks for the input, the sad part is, with Will in another bed, Sam fits in "my" bed now, so it doesn't seem as urgent as I've got more room.
I'd better choose an option and get to work!!