Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rock On David Francey

The girls played and sang "Red-Winged Blackbird" with the very man who wrote the song - both in our living room and when he called them up on stage at the concert later that night.  It was rather special.  

We had visitors come and stay for a few days....ducklings may be one of the cutest baby animals ever.  Reminded me of having bunnies.  Abbie was like a little momma duck.  She took really good care of them while they were here.

 Nature as art:

 We spent one weekend working super hard on wood-splitting and piling.  The kids were excellent workers.  Isaac takes the prize for the most cheerful and hard-working among us!!

ps. did you catch a glimpse of the new hall colour?  No more blue...


Katie said...

I'm feeling a tinch jealous about the David Francey thing. But mostly I feel super happy that you and your kids have such COOL opportunities!

Megan said...

What a great memory for Abbie and Grace!

It's interesting that some kids are so comfortable on stage.

Do you think it is more those that have seen older siblings/parents perform that don't clam up?