Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reptile Zoo

Our recent visit to the reptile zoo in Hamilton has resurrected the ever-peculating pet debate.

I say no pets! 

Everyone else says, "A bunny?"


"A parrot?"

"A kitten?" 

"A fish? Come on mom, you won't be allergic to a fish!"

and now, 

 "How about a tiny, baby crested gecko? One little crested gecko, pretty please?"

My resolve is crumbling. Help me!


Jane said...

Similar conversations are happening at our house again Katie, now that Cookie (our cat) has most likely met her demise. Having the ducklings here sparked new interest. I must admit, pets are really good for kids, but really sucky for parents. I have a conflict raging inside myself after watching Abbie take care of the ducklings.

This zoo is super cool! Love that they get to hold so many different ones! Let's go next time I visit with kids, k? Maybe I'll want to get a lizard or gecko too!

Megan said...

Creepy. I don't like snakes.
In a similar category of creepy, I was proud of myself when at Science North I pet a tarantula!

After Heidi begged me for guinea pigs and succeeded in getting them a few years ago, she was happy to feed and water them, she truly enjoyed them.
But these days...I second the notion of more work for parents!

Our kids do care about the guinea pigs, they play with them outside when the weather obliges, but the work of cleaning the cage and feeding them as negotiated, isn't usually happening by the kids.

howrob said...

I would say to all parents to only get a pet if You want a pet. Otherwise it becomes a battle. Also, and This may sound weird, but before we got our cat I prayed about the exact things I wanted in a pet. And what do ya know? I got exactly what I asked for. :)